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Wearable Gear & Pop

With GREAT Passion for wearable technology and pop arts, the WGP team dedicates to the design and innovation of smartwears that function as "multimedia apparel and accessories" to enhance our daily life. 
We are inspired by the vision of - bridging to the virtual world everywhere with wearables, and we believe simplicityalways come first in any success.In seeking various ways of merging multimedia technologies with daily wears, we adopt the principle of pragmatism.
We believe a good piece of smartwear should be comfortable to wear, durable, and offers a wide variety of styles. Functionality is important, but functionality that helps with aesthetics is crucial. The overall experience determines whether this "fashion technology" actually works. And this is what we want to make.


SZ B-SONIC TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED is a startup company founded in 2018; WGP is the brand of B-SONIC. Registered in China, our team members work closely yet separately in different countries. Though with diverse backgrounds, the aspiration of developing fashion technologies that genuinely meet individual tastes and daily needs brings us together.



Steven is a typical serial entrepreneur with his ever-inspiring entrepreneurial spirit, tapping into businesses ranging from intelligent hardware, e-commerce to after-sales-service markets. Seeing the great potential in the smartwears market, Steven raised a question - how to fusion fashion with technology to create better products that echo with real-world needs, lifestyles, and individual identities.



Mark has rooted himself in mobile electronics for over ten years since graduation from Huazhong Science and Technology University's industrial design department. Mark leads his product R & D and design team with rich implementation experience in product design and product management and focuses on continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs in smartwear products.



With over eight years of integrated global marketing experience, Anna is a senior practitioner in product markets. As a keen observer in market activities, Anna contributes valuable insights and practical methodology to effectively target market opportunities and tailor products to real-world user demands.

Bruce Liu

Technical Advisor

Bruce is located in Los Angeles, CA, USA, he has master degree in Aerospace engineering and Biomedical engineering, a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in potable medical device development, data analysis and SaaS. In past five years, Bruce found and co-found three companies focused on portable device, drug delivery and after-sale service for consumer electronic products. In addition. Bruce is holding a visiting scientist position since 2015 at California institute of Technology. Bruce runs the after-sale service center with Steven and plays an essential role as the WGP's technical consultant. His specialism and resources help us plan logistics more practically under the current world's complicated situation and promise effective warranty service for our customers.

Adam Xu 

Technical Advisor

Adam graduated from Baylor University with a Ph.D. degree in Geophysics. He spent several years working as a professor in college and a consultant in Oil and Gas industry.  

Adam funded a reverse logistic company in 2018, helping enterprise customer deliver superior service and support solutions to their customers. As an operation professional, he enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly in the company. His experiences in consulting, problem solving, and communication skills and science background empower him and his team to provide extraordinary customer service to our clients.

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