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The goggles integrate intelligent touch. The precise design of appearance contains multiple functions in the temple. The simple operation mode is intelligent and convenient, supporting IP67-level-dust-and water-proof technology and fashion make your wearing experience pleasing to the eyes and ear. Upgraded Bluetooth chips make the audio glasses faster and steadier/Immediate automatic connection after power on. Bluetooth 5.0. The excellent sound quality/steady compatibility/steady connection


  • Open-ear Audio, dual loudspeakers allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your music.
  • Magnetic charging contactor (Flexible, easy to use, and fast charging).
  • Acetate Fiber Eyeglass Frame (Scratch-resistant, slightly transparent)
  • Neon lens (Great hardness and strong endurance to scratches. Screening glare/blue light/UVA/UVB radiation)
  • HI-FI Stereo Sound. Build Bluetooth audio eyeglasses, upgrading from front-line chips, headsets to loudspeakers to ensure the reduction of noise on the phone and restore the fidelity effectively.
  • IP67 Waterproof. Professional water-proof and sweat-proof performance, effectively preventing the splash of domestic water and sweat.
  • Long working time. Abundant power, more long-lasting endurance. Built-in large-capacity dual batteries (220mAh). Enduring for around 7 days with only 2 hours' charging.

Abundant power, more long-lasting endurance

In-built large-capacity dual batteries (220mAh), enduring for around 7 days with only 2 hours’ charging.

  • 7 days of appointed continuous standby
  • 6h of an appointed continuous phone call
  • 4h of appointed continuous play of music
  • 2h of appointed charging

Two-sided multi-layer lens with the coating film

Hi-definition vision, preventing greasy dirt and scratches. Anti-fouling, and anti-scratch film easy to clean. Coating film reducing reflection

Multiple-scenario Application

Close to mother nature, touching the sunshine, and make your shopping experience fashionable and charming all the time.

Holiday-making / Camping / Mountaineering / Fishing.


WGP Smart Audio Glasses With Anti-Blue Light Lens(1st Gen)

$119.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • Open Ear Speaker with Bluetooth Connectivity for Gaming Meeting Traveling Driving. 

    Open-Ear Audio / Anti-Blue Light / HI-FI Stereo Sound / Bluetooth audio call / Voice control / IP67 Waterproof and dustproof / Long Working Time

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